Facilitation Skills at Meetings

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Groups often experience difficulty working through issues, and that’s where facilitation skills come in handy. Often this difficulty is related to group members’ inexperience with structuring a conversation: The needed information needs to surface and productive conversation must move through […]

Difficult Conversations: Receiving Feedback

When someone approaches us wanting to give us feedback, whether it’s a boss or a friend, we often find ourselves getting nervous and maybe defensive. These reactions are normal—and they also get in the way of listening. Instead of getting involved in a number of difficult conversations, you can use a number of techniques to […]

Managing Conversations: Use Yourself Well

In my work as a facilitator, consultant and coach I am often in situations in which people want to know how to best manage a difficult conversation either one on one or in a group setting. One essential part of helping to facilitate a conversation is to know yourself really well. One particular piece of […]

Changing How We See Things Changes the World

A client of mine called me recently asking me about how to fire someone. I asked him to tell me why he felt this person was not doing her job. He went on at length about all the things she had done wrong. After a time, I asked, “What does she do well?’ His answer […]

Meeting Facilitation: Making Meetings Work

I am often called into organizations to facilitate a conversation, but meeting managers can easily use many of the tools we facilitators use (because anyone running a meeting should be actively facilitating the meeting.) One of the most important and powerful facilitation tools is tracking conversations, which helps keep a group or even an individual […]

Facilitation Skills: What to Do About Bad Meetings?

Many people think that their work meetings are either out of control or a waste of time. Worse, they feel that they can’t fix the problem because they are not in charge. But in fact, anyone can positively impact the meetings they attend. No matter where you sit (metaphorically) at the table, you have the […]