Facilitation Skills at Meetings

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Groups often experience difficulty working through issues, and that’s where facilitation skills come in handy. Often this difficulty is related to group members’ inexperience with structuring a conversation: The needed information needs to surface and productive conversation must move through […]

Mindfulness in Practice

Many of us who are coaches, consultants, and facilitators have been taught the importance of being aware of who we are and how we impact a room. We have been told about the difference between “being” and “doing.” The notion of “use of self” has been a central tenant of our respective professions. Though we […]

Meeting Facilitation: When Less is More

One of the great lessons I have learned as a facilitator is that the less I do in the room, the better a meeting goes. Seems odd, right? But when my partner, Tom Kornbluh, and I teach our seminar “Standing in the Eye of the Storm,” we ask our participants what their greatest fear is […]

Managing Work Meetings: Lose — But Don’t Lose — the Lesson

Facilitating can be a messy business. Anyone who has spent any time managing meetings has run into those moments when things seem to have gotten out of control. As facilitators or meeting managers these moments can get very uncomfortable, even scary. We tend to assume that we should always know what is happening and be […]

Managing Conversations: Use Yourself Well

In my work as a facilitator, consultant and coach I am often in situations in which people want to know how to best manage a difficult conversation either one on one or in a group setting. One essential part of helping to facilitate a conversation is to know yourself really well. One particular piece of […]

Tip 1 for Virtual Meeting Facilitation

Many organizations find it cost efficient to have meetings by phone, which is a challenging way to faciliate a meeting. Though it can be efficient to have participants call in, it can be difficult to manage a virtual meeting. People often report feeling they did not participate enough or had a hard time joining in […]

Facilitation and Deep Listening: Opening Hearts and Minds

Staying present and being open to others can create unexpected changes. I was honored this week to watch the magic of that approach. I was traveling with a group of young people — a diverse group in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political ideologies and all passionate activists. We were in a remote […]

Conversation Management Techniques

As a meeting manager one of your key jobs is to keep the group on track. If you have been tracking the conversation, including the topics and where the group is in the PowerfulWork conversation model (see my earlier blog post), you can use any of the following tools to reorient a group that appears […]

Changing How We See Things Changes the World

A client of mine called me recently asking me about how to fire someone. I asked him to tell me why he felt this person was not doing her job. He went on at length about all the things she had done wrong. After a time, I asked, “What does she do well?’ His answer […]

Meeting Facilitation: Making Meetings Work

I am often called into organizations to facilitate a conversation, but meeting managers can easily use many of the tools we facilitators use (because anyone running a meeting should be actively facilitating the meeting.) One of the most important and powerful facilitation tools is tracking conversations, which helps keep a group or even an individual […]

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