Facilitation Skills at Meetings

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Groups often experience difficulty working through issues, and that’s where facilitation skills come in handy. Often this difficulty is related to group members’ inexperience with structuring a conversation: The needed information needs to surface and productive conversation must move through […]

Meeting Facilitation: When Less is More

One of the great lessons I have learned as a facilitator is that the less I do in the room, the better a meeting goes. Seems odd, right? But when my partner, Tom Kornbluh, and I teach our seminar “Standing in the Eye of the Storm,” we ask our participants what their greatest fear is […]

Tip 1 for Virtual Meeting Facilitation

Many organizations find it cost efficient to have meetings by phone, which is a challenging way to faciliate a meeting. Though it can be efficient to have participants call in, it can be difficult to manage a virtual meeting. People often report feeling they did not participate enough or had a hard time joining in […]