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Leadership & Executive Coaching
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No company or organization can succeed without strong managers, leaders, executives or supervisors. Our highly successful and results-oriented coaching programs help leaders leverage their own strengths to fully realize their leadership gifts and abilities, to increase their personal effectiveness and drive organizational success. Bold, balanced and purposeful Ė thatís what leadership is all about, and our coaching programs help you get there.

PowerfulWork coaches are skilled organizational consultants and educators with years of experience working with leaders and organizations. Our coaches deliver success and we offer coaching services at all levels and for every organizational need.

Organizations need leadership at all levels. From the boardroom where it all begins, to the executives, managers and employees themselves, every organization needs to develop strong leaders to deliver successful results. We offer targeted and tailored coaching programs in:

Leadership Development
Board Effectiveness
Executive Teams
Transition and Change
Personnel Management
Managing Across Generations
Facilitating Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships
First 90 Days
Managing Lean
Facilitative Leadership

Our coaching programs will be personalized and highly focused on your specific needs. We will target the most important skills you need to help you lead effectively. We will:

Perform a complete, 360-degree assessment to identify your strengths, gifts and learning edges
Design a customized approach based on your personality, your specific organizational needs and your learning style
Identify critical goals that will bring the greatest immediate results
Develop an individualized action plan for success
Offer techniques and strategies for thoughtful reflection, mastering new skills and implementation of new learning
Provide weekly coaching calls, powerful feedback and heart-centered support to make sure you stay on track and reach your goals
Help you integrate leadership insights into work and family life

We offer one-on-one and group coaching. Coaching typically begins with a two-hour intake session to clarify expectations and identify goals. Regular sessions usually run for 30-60 minutes a week, and are available in person or over the phone.

At PowerfulWork we specialize in developing confident, skilled and effective leaders. Our coaching programs help people lead better and lead better lives. You wonít just be a better leader; we hope youíll be a better person.

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