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Meeting/Retreat Design & Facilitation
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The ability to host and execute an effective meeting, retreat or off-site is essential to a productive, energized workforce. PowerfulWork is expert in the practice. We can help you get the most out of your meetings.

We can design your meeting, facilitate your meeting or both. We can also train your managers to facilitate effectively (see In-House Training for facilitation programs). At PowerfulWork, we collaborate with our clients to create meetings that are customized to their needs and objectives. We can create a meeting that is fun, engaging and fully participatory.

Our design approach emphasizes participation, personal responsibility and accountability, actionable items and creative solutions.

PowerfulWork will:

Work with you to clarify goals and objectives
Design and facilitate a productive, efficient meeting
Engage challenging people and diffuse group dysfunction
Skillfully lead challenging conversations
Elicit outstanding performance and results-driven creative thinking from participants
Keep everyone focused, engaged and on the same page
Coach groups and teams to higher levels of performance
Increase collaboration for more creative group activity
Make clear, actionable group decisions
Increase accountability and attainable action items

We will employ our proprietary “Conversation Model” to elicit and encourage input and participation, motivate and engage the participants and get the results you want.

Your meetings will never be the same.

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