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Facilitation Essentials
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How to Hold Powerful Meetings

There is nothing worse than wasting your time or your employees’ time with endless meetings that go nowhere. We can change that. This is the essential, nuts and bolts class on how to plan and execute effective and powerful meetings.

Whether you are a professional facilitator, team leader, project manager or regular meeting participant, this two-day program will immediately improve the way you work with and in groups. In this course, you will learn to:

Design and facilitate a productive, efficient meeting
Understand group dynamics and master group dysfunction
Master challenging people and behaviors and skillfully lead challenging conversations
Elicit outstanding performance and results-driven creative thinking from participants
Keep everyone focused, engaged and on the same page
Coach groups and teams to higher levels of performance
Increase collaboration for more creative group activity
Make clear, actionable group decisions
Increase accountability and attainable action items

All participants will receive extensive, hands-on training and regular performance feedback from seasoned practitioners. Participants also receive a 150-page handbook and “toolbox” of resources, including standard meeting templates, agendas and preparation forms; PowerfulWork’s proprietary “Conversation Model,” with structured conversation-tracking forms, so you or the group never gets lost; prioritization, decision-making and problem-analysis tools; meeting record and summary forms; action planning and accountability instruments; group assessment inventories; and more.

This program is ideal for anyone who leads or participates in meetings. We will provide you with the practical tools, training and materials to master meetings. It works wonders.

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