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Advanced Facilitative Skills
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Standing in the Eye of the Storm

Imagine being able to lead the most challenging groups and remain absolutely calm, centered and fully present, even in the midst of conflict and anger. Imagine facilitating meetings with remarkable efficiency, less effort and no stress, and actually enjoying it. Sound impossible? Not after taking our flagship facilitation-training program.

If you lead groups, Standing in the Eye of the Storm will transform the way you lead. This advanced two-day program is ideal for leaders, managers, consultants, HR professionals and facilitators. It will empower your presence as a leader. It will guide you to the still point, where you can lead your group to new levels of creativity and clarity. This is a powerful transformative course, one that will clarify and reveal your unique leadership gifts and qualities. You will learn to:

Lead powerfully from a clearly articulated purpose
Easily handle the specific situations that challenge you most
Create strong connections between group members
Stay calm and present in the midst of intense emotion and conflict
Access intuitive wisdom about the groups you lead
Quickly transform individual and group resistance
Return to a balanced, calm and centered flow state, no matter what is going on in the group
Lead your group or team to new levels of action, clarity and purpose

You will get simple models for understanding what’s really going on in groups and elegant strategies for transforming resistance. You will learn to apply the power of intention and get plenty of practice dealing with your most challenging group situations. This course will transform you and the way you lead.

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