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At PowerfulWork we specialize in leadership training. Our tools and programs can help make you a more effective leader, help your organization run more efficiently and motivate you and your workforce. We offer the tools and programs you need to succeed.
Leadership & Executive Coaching

Strong, effective leaders drive organizational success. At PowerfulWork we specialize in developing confident, skilled and effective leaders. Coaching is one of the most effective ways to improve your leadership and organizational skills, enhance your work/life balance and make you a better leader. Our powerful coaching programs help leaders and managers develop their inherent strengths to lead boldly and with results:

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Team Effectiveness

No organization can be successful without strong teams. Teams are the backbone of any organization. They lead, oversee, coordinate and produce the work. Without them, where would your organization be? We offer three different programs to help your teams work better, smarter and more effectively.

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Meeting/Retreat Design & Facilitation

The ability to host and execute an effective meeting, retreat or off-site is essential to a productive, energized workforce. PowerfulWork is expert in the practice. We can help you get the most out of your meetings.

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Mediation Services

Conflict is inevitable. It is hard, it is difficult and we often try to avoid it. But conflict is at the heart of creativity and offers an opportunity to find new and better ways of doing business or working with each other. We offer expert mediation services to help you turn conflict into creativity and success.

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In-House Training Programs

Our in-house training programs will help take your leadership and management skills to new levels. These programs are designed to increase your effectiveness and abilities, get results from even the most stubborn people and situations, move beyond conflict and lead with new confidence, clarity and a sense of purpose.

Reboot! How to Hold Powerful Conversations
Coaching Skills for Managers
Facilitation Essentials: How to Hold Powerful Meetings
Advanced Facilitative Skills: Standing in the Eye of the Storm
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