PowerfulWork specializes in leadership development and organizational effectiveness.

Through our consulting, coaching and training services, our clients learn to be extraordinary leaders and managers who are able to develop and deliver real business solutions. We partner with our clients to teach them the skills to lead boldly, purposefully and with the clarity and confidence to achieve real and lasting results. PowerfulWork clients learn to develop their own inherent strengths so they are able to manage more effectively, design more efficient and thoughtful work systems and inspire and engage their workforce.

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Leadership & Executive Coaching

Our powerful coaching programs help leaders and managers develop their inherent strengths.

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Team Effectiveness

No organization can be successful without strong leadership teams.

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Meeting Design & Facilitation

The ability to host and execute an effective meeting, retreat or off-site is essential.

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Leadership Development Programs

We design leadership programs to build and sustain a leadership culture.

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About Us

PowerfulWork is the consulting firm of Marcia Feola and Tom Kornbluh.

With more than 40 years experience in organizational and leadership development, PowerfulWork is a leader in the field, with a proven set of interpersonal tools, management strategies and training programs to help today’s leaders and managers be as efficient, energized and fulfilled as possible.

From helping leaders of large organizations design and implement strategic plans, to advising supervisors struggling with personnel and performance issues, to working with individuals one-on-one to help them lead more effectively, PowerfulWork has one goal: to help its clients be as effective as possible.

About Us

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