My whole life has been striving for a never-ending series of milestones. The milestones included such things as when will I turn 13? 21? Get married? Have a baby? Get a job? etc.
Body Intelligence
Good leaders align their actions with their values. Inspiring leaders embody their values, vision, and commitment. Furthermore, they can do so even when under pressure.
In these disruptive and changing times, many of us feel the world shifting before our eyes and under our feet. As the challenges become more dramatic we encounter our own vulnerabilities and fears.
Body Intelligence
How many times have you done something you knew you shouldn’t but did it anyway, only to regret it later? Have you ever lost your temper and been sorry?
Recently a client asked me a very interesting question, “Can you challenge someone and still be collaborative?” It’s an interesting question because it suggests these are two concepts that are mutually exclusive when in fact they can and often do, work well together.