Body Intelligence

What Is Body Intelligence and Why Is It Important?

Our bodies are “built” through our lifetime — how we were raised and our experiences with caregivers, schools, religious institutions, the culture, workplaces etc. all live in our muscles and tissues which retain those memories. Our bodies have been shaped by those lived experiences.

Your body is a highly intelligent “self,” and by reconnecting your body with your thinking self you create an aligned and powerful being. Reconnecting to your embodied self is “coming home.”

The work we do in our body intelligence programs is to raise awareness of automatic or unconscious processes and patterns. Most of our patterns were learned as a way of staying safe in our environments. At some point in time, they were useful. As we grow some of our old patterns no longer serve. You cannot change the neural pathways by using only your mind. If self-help books worked, we would all be perfect.  Changing ingrained patterns requires us to work through the body. Its also the fastest most direct method for embodying new ways of being.

Choosing a New Way of Being

  1. Awareness: Developing the skill of paying attention to our physical self, our posture, sensations, emotions, the moves we make, the messages we send and the automatic patterns.

  2. Discernment: Learning how to make sense of those physical signals.

  3. Appreciation: When we notice a habitual pattern which no longer serves, thank it. Old patterns were originally designed to ensure our survival. They did their job. Take a moment to thank them rather than push them away or in any way disparage them.

  4. Choice: Once we are aware and understand the messages of the physical self, we can be at choice. We can move from reactivity to thoughtful responsiveness.

  5. Create a new more responsive pattern: Choose a new response or pattern. The body learns through contrast and repetition so it’s essential to practice the new pattern over and over until it becomes embedded in the body.

Bring Your Body Intelligence to the Next Level

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