Bold, Balanced
and Purposeful

No company or organization can succeed without strong managers, leaders, executives or supervisors. Our highly successful and results-oriented coaching programs help leaders leverage their own strengths to fully realize their leadership gifts and abilities, to increase their personal effectiveness and drive organizational success. Bold, balanced and purposeful—that’s what leadership is all about, and our coaching programs help you get there. Our coaching programs help people lead better and lead better lives. You won’t just be a better leader; we hope you’ll be a better person.

PowerfulWork coaches are skilled organizational consultants and educators with years of experience working with leaders and organizations. Our coaches deliver success and we offer coaching services at all levels and for every organizational need. We offer both one on one coaching and group coaching. Topics we often encounter:

  • Leadership Development and Generative Leadership
  • Managing Stress
  • Career Transition and On Boarding
  • Managing Up
  • Building Strong Executive Teams
  • Transition and Change
  • Management challenges including feedback and conflict
  • Building an inclusive environment

Our coaching programs will be personalized and highly focused on your specific needs. We will target the most important skills you need to help you lead effectively.

The Process

  • Perform a complete, 360-degree assessment to identify your strengths, gifts and learning edges
  • Design a customized approach based on your personality, your specific organizational needs and your learning style
  • Identify critical goals that will bring the greatest immediate results
  • Develop an individualized action plan for success
  • Offer techniques and strategies for thoughtful reflection, mastering new skills and implementation of new learning
  • Provide weekly coaching calls, powerful feedback and heart-centered support to make sure you stay on track and reach your goals
  • Help you integrate leadership insights into work and family life
“In the first conversation, Marcia quickly became a trusted coach. I feel like she is always rooting for me, though she maintains objectivity. Marcia reinforces that I often already have the answers; and encourages me to take time to reflect on what's needed to better trust my instincts. As an executive, carving out time and space for reflection is challenging. With Marcia I've started to map how I can identify and own this transition in the present. It has given me a path to assertiveness that was lying dormant."
“I have known and worked with Marcia as a colleague and a coach for nearly 20 years. Simply put, she is the best coach that I have ever worked with. Marcia is the real deal. My greatest growth as a professional, a leader, and, quite frankly as a human being is the result of having Marcia as my coach. Working with her literally changed my life.”
“As an executive, I have found it extremely beneficial to have a trusted advisor and "sounding board" in Marcia. In today's environment leaders are confronted with challenging times, which require a combination of political diplomacy, vision, decisiveness, and the ability to develop a strong and engaged workforce. Marcia has served as a source of unbiased perspective, generous support and wisdom. She listens well, questions to generate new ideas, and focuses on moving reflection to action.”
"Marcia has been wonderful. She listens and draws the relevant content from what I am saying. She allows me to churn, then always seems to know the right question to ask which pivots me to activation. That "right question" gives me clearer vision than I might have had if she were not taking this journey with me. Reflection and activation are both necessary to be an effective leader. Balancing the two are my areas of focus.”

Increase Effectiveness and

Drive Organizational Success

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