This 4-part workshop offers a methodology for assessing how our bodies organize under pressure and teaches simple and powerful exercises that help us recover to a more open, uplifted and skillful state. February-April, 2023.
This one-day workshop is an exciting, fun and unique way to fine tune your presence as a leader, coach or team member. Coming soon!
This 6-part series offers an elegant methodology to access a more resourced state which gives us access to more satisfying and skillful ways to stay grounded in ourselves and interact more productively and respectfully with others. February-March, 2023.

This course will be offered again Fall 2023. More information to come!

February 15, 2023

Body Intelligence Resources

Centering Practice

This downloadable audio file is available for free as a support to your embodiment practice.


Podcast on Body Intelligence

Listen to Marcia Feola on
“Transformational Leadership for Transformational Times”, a podcast by the Institute for Transformational Leadership
at Georgetown University.


Energy Spectrum

Download this free PDF based on the research of Lester Levenson and David R. Hawkins.

Meeting Resources

FREE Downloads:

Mastering the Meeting PDFs

At PowerfulWork, our mandate is to help leaders at every level transform their organizations. In addition to our executive and leadership coaching programs, in-house classes and consulting services, we offer these free, downloadable tools to help you master the art of holding great meetings.

These templates and protocols will help you to organize and execute more effective, results-oriented meetings. Enjoy, and let us know what is most helpful to you.

Reboot! Your Working Relationships: How to Handle Difficult Conversations and Transform Your Working Relationships

by Marcia Feola

Our incredibly successful and effective guide to having great conversations is now available in paperback.

Reboot! Your Working Relationships offers proven techniques to help you handle difficult conversations in your working relationships. Reboot gives you a simple but remarkably effective step-by-step guide to preparing for and conducting productive conversations with colleagues and employees. It is straightforward, practical and easy to use. Best of all, it works.

The Reboot method has worked for hundreds of managers and leaders who have used these easy steps to increase their communication skills and build better relationships at work. Following these simple steps will get you the results you want and the effectiveness you need. This book is for anyone who wants to restart, refresh and recreate their work relationships.