Mediation Services

Conflict is inevitable. It is hard, it is difficult and we often try to avoid it. But conflict is at the heart of creativity and offers an opportunity to find new and better ways of doing business or working with each other. PowerfulWork offers mediation services that can help you transform conflict into productivity, better relationships and winning organizations. We offer transformative mediation, which is the art of assisting the parties to better understand themselves and others, helping them resolve the conflict and transform the relationship into a productive, respectful one. Both parties will come away equipped with the tools to deal effectively with conflict and to move forward.

A typical process includes:

  • Introductory meetings with appropriate parties to clarify the goals of mediation and the roles of the mediator and the participants
  • “Homework” assignments for all parties to develop a sense of the current issues and functionality of the relationship
  • Private sessions with each party to clarify issues, needs, underlying interests and personal contributions to the relationship at hand
  • Joint meetings to facilitate skill building, conversation, listening skills and goals by both parties
  • Joint agreements about the particular resolution and for ongoing relationship management
  • Follow-up meetings to ensure continued success and integration of new learning

The tools and techniques learned through our mediation services are applicable in many different environments and are meant to help all parties learn to articulate their needs and contributions, listen effectively to others and to explore problems in a creative way to find win-win solutions for everyone. Our mediation services can help you move out of conflict and toward success.

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