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Team Effectiveness

No organization can be successful without strong leadership teams. They are the backbone of any organization. They lead, oversee, coordinate and produce the work. Without them, where would your organization be? Great teams don’t happen by accident. They are made, they are molded, they are created, trained and encouraged. PowerfulWork has spent over 30 years working with teams to help them maximize their productivity, and we can help turn your team into a powerful, productive part of your organization. Our Team Effectiveness services include:

Team Kick Offs: Forming new teams can be difficult, as people are unsure of their place, as they jockey for position, as goals and projects are defined and articulated. PowerfulWork can help you establish a strong and successful foundation for your team from the beginning. Through structured working meetings, we can help you form your team with clarity of purpose, goals, procedures and clearly defined roles and relationships. We can help make your team more effective, productive and motivated.

Team Assessments: This work focuses on existing teams that need a jumpstart or feel a bit stuck. They may be unsure of what is in the way or what is blocking their progress. We can help get your team going again by taking a clear-eyed look at how the team functions, at its skills and weaknesses, and help develop a new plan to move forward.

Executive Team Realignments: Executive teams are crucial to the success of any organization. They are the guiding organizational force and must be visionary, strategic leaders and agile operational managers. We offer high-level team services and work with existing executive teams to bring them into clarity and alignment with organizational goals and to drive their organizations as one united team.

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