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We design leadership programs to build and sustain a leadership culture of collaboration and accountability across the organization. Our cutting edge action-learning, cohort programs are always highly interactive while focused on real organizational issues and solutions. Every session ends with clear “next step actions” for each participant—including a plan for accountability.

Our Leadership Programs

Body Intelligence

Many of the methods leaders, coaches and consultants focus on today: reflection, reframing, current state/future state analysis rely on cognitive skills and emotional awareness. These approaches certainly have validity and are essential for deeper understanding of the genesis of patterns. It is commonly believed that we can change our behavior by reasoning or thinking but biologically this is inaccurate. We don’t change by thinking about it. The body is the most direct and fastest route to change.

The vast majority of our behavior is generated on autopilot because it happens outside of our consciousness. We operate on learned habits and instincts 95-99% of the time. We believe we are choosing how to behave, but our rational mind plays a limited role in producing behavior. The body plays a far greater role than we have previously thought in our perception. Body intelligence is the next frontier.

The theory of body intelligence is based on the idea that we can “know” all the right things to do, but when confronted with stress, our bodies revert to Fight/Flight or Freeze. Under stress, our thinking is impaired and we lose access to our innate creativity.  This program offers a methodology for assessing how our bodies organize under pressure and provides simple and powerful exercises that help us recover a more open, uplifted and skillful state. From more resourced state we have access more satisfying and skillful ways to interact with others and ourselves. Skillful use of body intelligence is critical to how people experience us.  

This fun, experiential program is based in science and employs a clear, interactive learning format. Participants will leave with immediate and impactful takeaway tools.


This program is designed for anyone looking to develop their natural inner resources to navigate the complexities of today’s world including: leaders looking to enhance their executive presence, team members, HR leaders, consultants, facilitators and coaches. 

Participants will come away with:

  • Methods to stay attuned to and recognize the information transmitted through the body in order to increase awareness, sharpen clarity, and enhance skillful action.
  • An understanding of body intelligence and how to access a centered state of flow 
  • Practice shifting from a reactive state to a responsive, skillful state while under pressure.
  • Skills to strengthen relationship with self and other.



  • Virtual
  • 6 sessions, held every other week
  • Sessions are 2 hrs.  

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Coaching Skills for Managers

Good managers don’t just manage, they also help their employees work better and smarter. With a few techniques, managers can also be coaches and can help inspire, energize and motivate their staff.

Coaching Skills for Managers is a fast-paced, experiential program that will teach you the five most valuable tools used by successful executive coaches. These tools will quickly increase your effectiveness as a manager and make supervising your staff easier. These specially selected coaching tools are simple, powerful and effective:

  • Questioning

  • Listening

  • Reflecting

  • Action and Accountability

  • Acknowledgement

Learning these five skills will dramatically increase your ability as a manager and will also inspire your employees. The course will teach you real-life application techniques. Participants will leave knowing how to:

  • Have conversations that are direct and truthful, while building the relationship

  • Recognize and effectively deal with resistance

  • Influence others without force

  • Manage conflict with confidence and transform it into creative resolution

  • Create commitment and accountability

You will have plenty of opportunity to practice these tools and you will leave prepared to put them to use immediately. There will be follow-up sessions available by phone for additional support or development.

Facilitation Essentials

How to Hold Powerful Meetings

There is nothing worse than wasting your time or your employees’ time with endless meetings that go nowhere. We can change that. This is the essential, nuts and bolts class on how to plan and execute effective and powerful meetings.

Whether you are a professional facilitator, team leader, project manager or regular meeting participant, this two-day program will immediately improve the way you work with and in groups. In this course, you will learn to:

  • Design and facilitate a productive, efficient meeting

  • Understand group dynamics and master group dysfunction

  • Master challenging people and behaviors and skillfully lead challenging conversations

  • Elicit outstanding performance and results-driven creative thinking from participants

  • Keep everyone focused, engaged and on the same page

  • Coach groups and teams to higher levels of performance

  • Increase collaboration for more creative group activity

  • Make clear, actionable group decisions

  • Increase accountability and attainable action items

All participants will receive extensive, hands-on training and regular performance feedback from seasoned practitioners. Participants also receive a 150-page handbook and “toolbox” of resources, including standard meeting templates, agendas and preparation forms; PowerfulWork’s proprietary “Conversation Model,” with structured conversation-tracking forms, so you or the group never gets lost; prioritization, decision-making and problem-analysis tools; meeting record and summary forms; action planning and accountability instruments; group assessment inventories; and more.

This program is ideal for anyone who leads or participates in meetings. We will provide you with the practical tools, training and materials to master meetings. It works wonders.

Advanced Facilitative Skills

Standing in the Eye of the Storm

Imagine being able to lead the most challenging groups and remain absolutely calm, centered and fully present, even in the midst of conflict and anger. Imagine facilitating meetings with remarkable efficiency, less effort and no stress, and actually enjoying it. Sound impossible? Not after taking our flagship facilitation-training program.

If you lead groups, Standing in the Eye of the Storm will transform the way you lead. This advanced two-day program is ideal for leaders, managers, consultants, HR professionals and facilitators. It will empower your presence as a leader. It will guide you to the still point, where you can lead your group to new levels of creativity and clarity. This is a powerful transformative course, one that will clarify and reveal your unique leadership gifts and qualities. You will learn to:

  • Lead powerfully from a clearly articulated purpose

  • Easily handle the specific situations that challenge you most

  • Create strong connections between group members

  • Stay calm and present in the midst of intense emotion and conflict

  • Access intuitive wisdom about the groups you lead

  • Quickly transform individual and group resistance

  • Return to a balanced, calm and centered flow state, no matter what is going on in the group

  • Lead your group or team to new levels of action, clarity and purpose

You will get simple models for understanding what’s really going on in groups and elegant strategies for transforming resistance. You will learn to apply the power of intention and get plenty of practice dealing with your most challenging group situations. This course will transform you and the way you lead.

Reboot! How to Hold Powerful Conversations

This program is so successful and so powerful that we turned it into a book, Reboot! Your Working Relationships. The Reboot! Method has helped hundreds of people master difficult conversations, and it can help you, too.

Conversations aren’t as easy as we think. Oftentimes, the seemingly simply task of talking to your employees or colleagues is mishandled. Conversations can be a huge stumbling block and a tremendous source of stress, and are often one of the most difficult tasks people face.

Reboot! offers simple, elegant and remarkably effective techniques for handling difficult conversations and building better relationships. In this course, you will learn how to prepare for and conduct productive conversations with colleagues and employees.

In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • That conflict, though inevitable, is a vital opportunity for creativity, to deepen relationships and find new solutions

  • To recognize and address resistance and how to transform it into action

  • To understand, recognize and respond to the emotional blocks to communication

  • Specific skills and practices needed to put the method into action, and get results

The method is straightforward, practical and easy to use. Best of all, it works.

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